Ben Carson says the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman tragedy should make Americans reconsider the role of neighborhood watchmen — including what kinds of weaponry they should carry.

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The American Legion says it is opposed to trying to tie immigration into the annual defense policy debate, calling it an unacceptable “amnesty” and dealing a serious blow to Republicans desperate to pass some sort of legalization of illegal immigrants ahead of November’s elections.

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One minute into his speech Biden tells terrorist victims it was worth it.
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A Denver woman was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher for about 13 minutes before being fatally shot, allegedly by her husband, police said Tuesday. Her screams, and then the fatal gunshot, ended her call for help.

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McALLEN – A record number of Honduran immigrants are crossing into the United States through the Rio Grande Valley, officials said.

New numbers obtained by CHANNEL 5 NEWS show that nearly 29,000 Hondurans were detained in the Valley in 2013. Border Patrol officials said that number may double this year. Read More


The same federal government that deploys Bureau of Land Management shooters tricked out like SEAL Team 6 directs Border Patrol agents to flee from aggressive illegal immigrants.  The same federal government that would fire and prosecute federal agents who physically restrain border-crossers sends agents to tase and sic German shepherds on ordinary Americans exercising First Amendment rights.

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FORT BRAGG, North Carolina  — Under a canopy of trees on the edge of a large field, soldiers from Bravo Battery are lying in a circle as they pore over targeting charts. Nearby, others are preparing the howitzer cannons as helicopters swoop overhead. At the edge of the circle, the platoon leader watches as the field artillerymen go through their training exercise.

No one seems to notice the small knot of hair at the base of the lieutenant’s helmet, or that 1st Lt. Kelly Requa is the only woman on the field at Campbell’s Crossroads on the sprawling grounds of Fort Bragg.

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PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Ruth Alvarez says breast cancer has been her personal prison; she is now facing the disease behind bars.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Alvarez– an undocumented immigrant– in early April for working with a false identification. She says her arrest comes just a few weeks away from her planned mastectomy scheduled for April 23rd. Alvarez is asking to be release so she can undergo the surgery with her family by her side.

“To go through breast cancer is already hard, it’s so hard to go through treatments seeing how your whole body, your whole life kinda change,” said Alvarez.

MCSO first arrested Alvarez in September 2013 for allegedly working with a false ID and turned her over to Immigrations & Customs Enforcement. Alvarez’ lawyer says ICE released her so she could get chemotherapy. Now she is back in jail, facing the same charges from the Maricopa County Attorney.

“I know it was wrong, but at the time I only used it to get a job,” said Alvarez.

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Besides knowingly entering the U.S. illegally: She knew stealing someone else’s identity was wrong too, but…she only ruined a U.S. citizen’s life to get a job. Oh, ok. No problemo then. I’m sure the citizen’s life she ruined is ok that she only did it to get a job.

And guess who is paying for all the illegal alien identity thief’s medical care? Why yes, we are!

“Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”

~ Adam Smith ~

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Contact

And: Blind citizen denied benefits after Mexican national steals her identity

And: Mexican illegal alien heroin smuggler/ informant gets deported, enters again illegally, wants someone to help her get U.S. citizenship

And: Lawless Latinos Demand Comrade Obama Destroy The Republic Now!

During the visit, Mrs Obama said she wanted to shine a light on military families who are her heroes and the medical facility that treats them.

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Michelle Obama: Hanoi Jane Is My Role Model

Hanoi Jane calls American military “war criminals”

“If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communist. . . . I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism.”

~Hanoi Jane~

During her brief but lucrative stint as president of Wal-Mart’s charitable foundation in 2012, Sylvia Matthews Burwell received at least $750,000 in bonuses from an organization that doles out hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions but keeps a tight lid on its own compensation practices, records show.

Ms. Burwell spent a little more than a year running Wal-Mart’s foundation before President Obama tapped her to be his budget chief last year — and then last week asked her to take over as health and human services secretary.

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