If he promotes it there, he promotes it anywhere.

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When Muslims aren’t beating up French people on the street, they are burning the place down…

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And: Utah! Why the hell do we have to put up with this?

Are there places that should be off-limits to law enforcement? It’s a question that some are raising in the wake of a recent incident in Pima county.

The incident happened on March 23, in the community of Ajo, about 130 miles southwest of Tucson.

The News 4 Tucson Investigators received a number of emails from people concerned that Sheriff’s deputies and the Border Patrol stepped over a sacred line.

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It was Iowa Muslim day at the Iowa Capitol on Monday with Muslims sharing pastries and other ethnic foods in the Rotunda while providing information about their faith and work in Iowa.

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Majed Moughni, 43, of Dearborn holds flyers given to students at Howard Elementary School in Dearborn. / Ryan Garza/Detroit Free Press


Some Muslim parents are concerned about public schools in Dearborn handing out flyers to all students advertising an Easter egg hunt, saying it violates the principle of church and state separation.

A flyer headlined “Eggstravaganza!” was given to students this week at three elementary schools in the Dearborn Public Schools district, which has a substantial number of Muslim students. The flyer described an April 12 event at Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church in Dearborn featuring an egg hunt, relay race, and egg toss. It asked students to RSVP “to secure your free spot” and included images of eggs and a bunny.

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. — The Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board will allow a group of Muslims to cut the crosses off of a former Roman Catholic Church to create a mosque.

The board voted to approve the removal of crosses from the former Holy Trinity Catholic Church at 501 Park St. One member, Joe Saya, voted against the decision.   Read More

Something is missing from the Riverside Dining Facility at Patrick Air Force Base: the traditional POW/MIA “Missing Man” table.

Such tables, a mainstay at military bases and veterans’ organizations, are set for six, one for each service — the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and civilian personnel — representing personnel missing in action or taken as prisoners of war.

The table was removed from Florida’s Patrick Air Force Base because of one item traditionally placed on the table — a copy of the Bible, according to Florida Today. Read More

One law for them, another for the rest of humanity. As a kuffar you have no rights to anything according to Islam. You have no right to equality, to justice, to personal freedom – even to deny Islam is not within your rights according to Sharia. What you feel and think has no importance to Muslims at all. You are a heathen, an untouchable who will thank them in gratitude once they force you to bend to Islam and you will then realize that only Islam is the greatest – and before you understood this, you were ignorant and it is Muslims enlightened you. That’s the mindset. You must be forced to bend to them, and you will realize they ‘saved’ you.

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Just two months into his tenure as a taxi driver, Aghanistan native Jamil Nabiza admits the language here is a challenge.

‘English proficiency proven through a written test’ is just one of the issues the City of Sacramento is trying to tackle with proposals designed to curb what happens in some cabs.

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The sister of the 22-year-old local man accused of supporting a terrorist group insists her brother is not a terrorist, saying he is not the type of person that would want to cause harm to anyone. Read More

According to Mohammad’s sister:

Mo, 22, couldn’t possibly be a terrorist because he only has one lung and he’s too sickly to work; to fight for Hezbollah in Syria you must have two lungs. That and you can’t be the only man in the family. See, Mo only talked about terrorism to impress and try to reconnect with his former girlfriend back in Lebanon. That sweet talkin’ Mo. He went back to Lebanon because he was very very homesick even though he has applied for U.S. citizenship because he wants to start his own business in the U.S. …even though he’s too sickly to work…because he only has one lung. Really.

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