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While the worst administration in American history has been perfecting the Big Lie that all dissent to their policy stems from conspiracy theorist wackos, they are the biggest conspiracy of all.

At this stage of the Fundamental Transformation of America, the wake up call should be glaringly obvious.  Read More

Obama: Democrats ‘Should Be Proud’ of Obamacare Canceling Plans, Cutting Hours, Higher Premiums, and Losing Doctors


Dependency is the Measure of Success for Obamacare

Hence, celebrating 7 million people reliant on Obamacare is like rejoicing over an arsonist who burned down millions of homes but created a bungalow of dingy shelters for people to seek refuge.  Would we measure the success of such an endeavor by the number of homes burned down and, in turn, by the number of people registered at the shelters?

Daniel Horowitz

Heads_Up Mark Knoller

Obama departs Univ of Michigan, now headed to Chicago for two Dem fundraisers there.

Filthy Marxist Fuck LUIS GUTIERREZ

The traitorous / spineless GOP has already capitulated and surrendered our Republic. Not one Republican has even attempted to stop the Obama Regime and the legalization of illegal aliens (they already have amnesty or they wouldn’t be here and no one is talking about removing those already here). In fact, Tea Party icon Canadian Cruz is not only for legalization, he wants to triple the number of legal worker visas too.

It’s over folks. The Republicans are merely stalling to allow Obama to legalize all illegal aliens so they can say:  Hey, we didn’t vote for it… it’s not our fault.

Background on communist VALERIE JARRETT


Barack Obama has caused confusion after claiming yesterday that Kosovo held a UN-assisted referendum for self-determination – misleading people over the true origins of the country. The U.S. President used the example to hit out against Russia’s annexation of Crimea, but experts have noted that no such referendum took place, and implied that Obama’s “incredible mistake” should elicit a retraction or correction from the White House.

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Consumer protections and the use of domestic law in the U.S. may drastically change as President Obama forges ahead with two secretive international deals that impact major aspects of the economy, privacy and beyond.
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The United States is a Republic…not a damned democracy. Like Obama and Fellow Travelers, Lee is openly using conditioning agitprop and no one is stopping them.

Related: March 18th 2014 DNC Chair Debbie Wasaman Schultz

Democrats will keep working as we always have, to expand the electorate, get more people involved in democracy, and engage the next generation of voters.

And: Condi Rice: “I’m glad we live in a ­democracy.”

Condi Rice: “Well it takes a long time for a democracy to take hold. Freedom is one thing; democracy is another. The institutionalisation of that freedom sometimes takes decades. Even here in my own country, the United States of America, a mature democracy…”

Condi Rice: “I’m a political … I’m not a political person. I’m a policy person and I know the difference. I’m very glad that we have people in our great democracy who want to run for office. We need them. I’m simply not one of them.”

Tuesday March 25th 2014: Obama and Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands

Okay so, one person clapped…kinda.

The Obama administration keeps pouring huge sums of taxpayer money into the First Lady’s beloved child obesity campaign, this month allocating $10.5 million for the initiative which is part of a broader—and costly—law to revolutionize the inner-city diet.

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