LAS VEGAS (KSNV — A 13-year-old Las Vegas middle school student is fighting for her life after she was severely beaten on school grounds.

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O’Callaghan Middle School is majority Latino student demographic and a majority are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program.

Oregon State University has paid $1,000 plus $100,000 for legal fees to former student William Rogers to settle a First Amendment lawsuit over the university trashing distribution boxes for the conservative students newspaper The Liberty and the newspapers in them.

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When Alphonso Stevenson was knocked unconscious by a student at Bartram High recently, staffers were shocked by the assault on the tall, genial man whose job was to keep the school calm. But many were not surprised.

The school, by many accounts, can be a frightening place, where fights and drug use are common and large groups of students often roam the hallways.

“I had a better chance in Vietnam,” said longtime social studies teacher Stephen Pfeiffer, an Army veteran. “Here, you lock your door and pray no one comes in.”

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According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the school is rated a 1 (10 being the best). Good Grief! Even most Latino dominated schools rate at least an abject failure of 2.

Some Ohio State University students are upset that they had no say in picking this year’s spring commencement speaker, a break with past practice.

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In April of 2011, David Coleman, the man who is considered to be the “architect” of the Common Core standards, gave a webinar titled “Bringing the Common Core to Life,” that was viewed live by educators from New York State. During the course of his presentation, Coleman told participants that the most popular form of writing taught in American high schools has been personal writing, either “the exposition of a personal opinion or the presentation of a personal narrative.”   Read More


And: Sen. Grassley seeking to defund Commie Core in Congress

And: Indiana Withdrawing From Commie Core Standards

Since adding two new Muslim holidays to the New York City public school calendar was a success, groups are now pushing to add halal food to the school lunch menu.

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An invitation for “African American Parent Night” at the Parkrose School District in Portland, Oregon says in part, “If you are an African American parent/guardian or have an African American student attending Parkrose you are invited to attend an evening with the Superintendent…”

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n recent years, college students in Chile have led anti-capitalist protests that have been so successful that the anarchists’ student leaders havegained political power in the South American country.

Over the last two months, some of the students who led the Chileanrevolución have toured the U.S., teaching American college students how to promote and expand communism here, too. Read More

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