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There’s a great tradition of Socialists doing and saying different things. Especially the wealthy Medea Benjamin kind.

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Filthy Marxist Fuck LUIS GUTIERREZ

The traitorous / spineless GOP has already capitulated and surrendered our Republic. Not one Republican has even attempted to stop the Obama Regime and the legalization of illegal aliens (they already have amnesty or they wouldn’t be here and no one is talking about removing those already here). In fact, Tea Party icon Canadian Cruz is not only for legalization, he wants to triple the number of legal worker visas too.

It’s over folks. The Republicans are merely stalling to allow Obama to legalize all illegal aliens so they can say:  Hey, we didn’t vote for it… it’s not our fault.

And: Rachael Ray To Joe Biden: ‘You Have The Most Glowing, Perfect Skin Of Any Person I’ve Ever Seen’

Aired March 10th 2014: When not praising Biden’s skin tone and shilling for Obamacare, Ray gushes over Hanoi Jane

Background on communist VALERIE JARRETT


Saint Paul, MN – More than three hundred Latino immigrants and supporters rallied in the Capitol rotunda and marched to Governor Dayton’s office March 26 to press Governor Dayton and House Speaker Paul Thissen to pass HF348, the bill for drivers licenses for all. The rally was organized by Mesa Latina and supported broadly by the immigrant rights movement.

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“I hadn’t the slightest clue what my privilege of being a white man had brought me… I learned to see my life through a racial lens.” That’s what one Portland student took away from a new controversial course in “Critical Race Theory.”

Dateline Wednesday March 19, 2014 – Portland Oregon: Portland Public Schools teachers participated in a training session where a controversial new curriculum including “Critical Race Theory,” is explained. The curriculum is currently implemented in three charter schools at the K-5, middle school and high school level. The curriculum is expected to be rolled out to all schools in the Portland Public School System: thus the training.

In this Part I, we provide excepts from presentations by Principal Carl Reinhold. In one excerpt Reinhold appears to be somewhat apologetic for the school’s entrepreneurial business course actually teaching kids to make money. “”We’d like to think we stay away from focusing on businesses for profit…” explains Reinhold. A few statistics are provided for the school including the fact that 52% of the students receive “free” or subsidized lunches, and that on any given day one-in-five students are absent for class.

“Critical Race Theory” teacher Jessica Mallare then takes over. She explains:

“We went back on forth on this with my former Principal on this name. She wanted it to be ‘American Studies for College Prep Purposes.’ I was really attached to ‘Critical Race Theory’ or ‘Critical Race Studies,’” explains Mallare.

Mallare goes on to state there is no text book, so she has full autonomy to create the curriculum as she sees fit. She explains that she and Principal Reinhold would like to move the curriculum to younger members of the student population. “Carl and I both believe firmly that if we can start younger it just opens so many more doors …”

Her curriculum includes “Racial Identity Models,” “The Dominant White Culture,” and “Institutionalized Racism” in the United States.


From the lephigh website staff directory:

Jessica Mallare
Humanities Teacher
“In her spare time, Jessica loves to go to concerts (mostly hip-hop and funk/soul), snowboard, watch movies, and watch basketball! GO BLAZERS! Fun fact: Ms. Jessica has won many face making contests!”


And: White Self-loathing Conference wastes thousands of taxpayer dollars this week

Today, Mar 26, 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM
House Democrats will launch a discharge petition to demand a vote to finally fix the broken immigration system. Join Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA-12), Caucus Chair Xavier Becerra (CA-34), Congressman Joe Garcia (FL-26) and several immigration reform advocates including SEIU’s Eliseo Medina and Nuns on the Bus leader Sister Simone Campbell for a lively discussion about the House Democrats’ decision to file the petition.

Ask a question to any of the participants using the hashtag #DemandAVote on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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