In 2009, within the first few weeks of taking office President Obama, moved control of the Census Bureau from the office of the Commerce Secretary to the White House ahead of the 2010 Census.

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Keep in mind that these invaders were caught (caught and processed does not equate deportation) in just one sector of the Rio Grande Valley; the U.S. / Mexican border is 1,969 miles long. Thousands of invaders enter all along the porous U.S. border daily from Mexico.

VIDEO of about 80 invaders and Update …  and VIDEO of about 140 invaders.

Although the ethnic group members harboring an outbreak of active TB in scenic Santa Barbara are not refugees, but largely illegal aliens, this is still an important story especially coming at the same time as the case in Illinois we reported last week.

We have, over the years, been following TB outbreaks largely coming from the foreign-born because we think it is one of the most under-reported problems (due to political correctness!) with our willy-nilly immigration system.

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Yesterday there was one and today there are scores of Facebook pages dubbed “Everytown for Gun Safety” for several states and even local communities; the work of gun rights activists waging guerrilla warfare against billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s $50 million launch yesterday of a new gun control lobbying effort with the same name.

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The Nation of Immigrants Myth

And: 50 immigration holds lifted in Multnomah County jail on first day after Sheriff Dan Staton changes policy

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is warning the Obama administration to not issue an executive order requiring that all new guns be made with biometric technology, such as finger-print recognition or bracelets.

Cornyn raised the issue in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, who in testimony earlier this month highlighted biometric bracelets and fingerprint identification as a safety issue.

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Education Secretary Arne Duncan visited an elementary school in Columbus, N.M. last year where 75 percent of the students live in Mexico but are being educated in the United States because their mothers crossed the border to seek medical help, and their birth here makes them U.S. citizens.

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Flashback : Former EPISD Superintendent Lorenzo García gets 42 months, offers no apologies for scandal (Duncan quickly mentions in the video above that Garcia is still in prison)

Like all majority Mexican student demographic schools/districts in the U.S., the students (and the teachers) whether legally here or not, are abject failures, and the only way to receive that state and federal almighty dollar to run these Mexican daycares is to cheat/cook the books on test scores, etc. Garcia’s district got caught doing just that. Sure they’re still cheating, but it’s not looked at as dishonest and bad anymore: it’s just The Mexican Way!

Speaking of Invaders…

April 17th 2014: A bus full of illegal aliens are headed to John Boehner’s back yard to demand a vote on Comprehensive Capitulation (complete surrender of the Republic) Now!

And April 17th 2014:Latino illegal aliens and comrades block entrance at Suffolk Sheriff’s Detention Center

And: ACLU “Retaliation and Harassment” against Conservatives in Arizona Immigration Battle

And: Has the Obama administration really carried out “record” deportations of illegal aliens? As a bus load of illegal aliens pulls up to Boehner’s house.

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