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The “Waters of the U.S.” proposed rule lets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulate small ponds, ditches, rainwater flowing through low spots and isolated wet spots – the same as if they were a river or other navigable waterways.

This proposal will be a serious threat to farming and ranching, homebuilding, energy production and other land uses.

Tell the EPA it’s time to ditch the rule!

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “There’s a lot of money involved in feeding our kids at school,” Michelle Obama recently told children at the White House. Just ask Hamdi Ulukaya.

Ulukaya’s company, Chobani Greek yogurt, was the beneficiary of a “very fast” decision from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2013 to use Greek yogurt on a trial basis in four states’ school lunch programs.

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Yolanda Vega, who came to the U.S. illegally in search of a better life, doesn’t have a driver’s license, yet six days a week she travels miles from the trailer she shares with her husband and teenage daughter outside Durango to clean homes much larger than her own.

Vega, 32, relies on her husband to drive her to work, using a license he obtained years earlier in New Mexico.

Presently, Colorado law makes it impossible for people like her to obtain a driver’s license, but a law passed in the state legislature in 2013 is meant to change that, starting Aug. 1.

Hearing that she was eligible for a license under that law, Vega was elated.

“It’s important because if you have an accident or something, you would have your license,” she told The Denver Post in an interview translated by her daughter. “I could drive to work.”

But Vega, who came from Chihuahua, Mexico, will not be getting a driver’s license anytime soon. Vega is one of as many as 150,000 people in Colorado illegally who may be seeking a driver’s license under the new law, activists say. However, what those in the immigrant community see as problems with the program have made it difficult for potential applicants to sign up.

Only five locations of the state’s 56 licensing centers will be issuing the cards — and by appointment only. For applicants like Vega, the dearth of offices and the appointment-only system means months to years of waiting and hours-long drives.

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If the city council of Burlington, Iowa, has its way, children will not be allowed to openly carry toy guns in public without written permission from city authorities, Iowa Gun Owners said on Facebook Monday. Moreover, children Children would be prohibited from concealing the toy guns underneath their clothing.

Iowa Gun Owners said the measure is set to be considered Monday night. The group also said that Mayor Shane McCampbell “unapologetically defended the proposal as ‘forward thinking.’”

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Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) believes Hispanics should get amnesty and citizenship to punish Americans who are against illegal immigration.

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They’re at Cruz’ office right now.

LIVE FEED See recorded videos of today’s bullshit at the right on the LIVE FEED site.

Keep in mind that you must show I.D. to enter a federal building.

These illegal aliens show up with props no less and were allowed in (they always are) and not one Republican did a damn thing about it (they never do). Try pulling that same shit as a citizen with an I.D. Ain’t happenin’.

Illegal aliens running up and down the halls or storming the offices of OUR Reps in OUR  federal buildings screaming UNDOCUMENTED and UNAFRAID…because they can.

The more they get away with, the more they will demand.

Citing “Gospel values of peace, love, reconciliation and justice,” a Catholic college president has offered to house and school the recent influx of illegal immigrants.

“As a Catholic institution … we are proud to be the first higher educational institution in the nation to publicly commit to supporting young refugees from Central America,” Dr. David Fike, president of Detroit’s Marygrove College, stated at a recent news conference.

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Hey Catholics and “they just come for a better life”…

I suggest you actually read your Bible.

President Obama will announce on Monday that 60 of the nation’s largest school districts are joining his initiative to improve the educational futures of young African-American and Hispanic boys, beginning in preschool and extending through high school graduation.

The districts, which represent about 40 percent of all African-American and Hispanic boys living below the poverty line, have committed to expand quality preschool access; track data on black and Hispanic boys so educators can intervene as soon as signs of struggle emerge; increase the number of boys of color who take gifted, honors or Advanced Placement courses and exams; work to reduce the number of minority boys who are suspended or expelled; and increase graduation rates among African-American and Hispanic boys.

President Obama announced in February a five-year, $200 million initiative, known as My Brother’s Keeper, to help black and Latino youths.

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